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Value Proposition

Advertising Advantage:

  • Targets your advertising to consumers who want and need to know
  • Puts your advertising message to work at the highest point of impact, at retail
  • Takes advantage of consumers’ short attention span
  • Provides superior brand recall versus newspapers and network television
  • Makes it easy to insert, air and change advertising by location
  • Reduces or eliminates recurring printing and distribution costs
  • Helps increase your bottom line

Measurable Results:

An independent Arbitron Study of TGN reported these viewer responses:

  • 40+% made unplanned purchase after seeing TGN’s video ads
  • 30+% sales lift experienced on specific items featured on TGN
  • 39+% recalled seeing an advertisement, compared with 4% recall of static signs in malls
  • 85% found TGN a good way to learn about new golf products
  • 90% felt TGN made the shopping experience more progressive and contemporary
  • 4.1 minutes: Average dwell time in front of TGN in pro shops
  • 50% spent more than 2 minutes engaged by TGN (compared with 30 seconds with mall digital signage)

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